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Baby Bean Pie

Husband and wife team, Carlton and Zakiyyah, are excited to share their delectable menu of wholesome and nutritious navy bean pies (original navy bean pie and BeaNana pudding) and soups (savory bean soup), navy bean quiche, protein bowls, freshly baked bread, and fried fish sandwiches with our Ashland and Cherryland communities.

Kiosk Hours 
Thursdays & Fridays
Zakiyyah & Carlton's Story
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In response to not being able to find a good navy bean pie purveyor after many businesses closed during the height of the pandemic, newly weds Zakiyyah and Carlton Shaheed-Muhammad began testing out a recipe Zakiyyah was given to by her pastry-chef.


With the navy bean being a major staple in the Muslim diet, they knew there was a need in the community for the pies.After realizing how delicious Zakiyyah's pies turned out, her and Carlton started market testing them with friends and family, and within two months, they were selling them all over the Bay Area.


Baby Bean Pie was born.


With a mission centered on encouraging healthy lifestyles by preparing delicious wholesome food with the navy bean, Baby Bean Pie, has been steadily growing their customer base and appearing at Akoma and Lake Merritt farmers markets to market test their sweet and savory navy bean pies, and navy bean soups.


Zakiyyah and Carlton see working with Mandela Partners and being a kiosk vendor at the E14th Eatery + Kitchen as an opportunity to expand their product line to a new customer base, and refine their long term business goals in developing deeper connections to the community.


"We believe this kiosk will be a step towards expanding our business, customer base, and product line, all the while, getting us closer to being a household name in the bay area. It will also give us insight into the demands of running a hot food cafe. Working with Mandela Partners will help us refine our goals and become more involved within our community because we envision building our service that will employ black and brown youth." Carlton & Zakiyyah Shaheed-Muhammad, Baby Bean Pie

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